Lesson Plan

Knowledge Charting

Using charts is a great way to see similarities, differences, and information. This visual lesson will help all students see what can be gained from nonfiction and fiction texts.
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Learning Objectives

Students will complete a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting different types of knowledge gained from texts.


(5 minutes)
Finding Out About Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Call students together.
  • Draw a picture of a blank Venn diagram on the board. Ask students what they remember about Venn Diagrams. (Depending on past student experience using Venn diagrams, they may be quick to point out how it compares and contrasts two ideas/subjects or they might require some guiding towards this.)
  • Next, ask students what they remember about nonfiction writing. What makes it special or unique?
  • After asking about nonfiction writing, ask students what they remember about fiction writing. What makes it different from nonfiction writing? What is unique to it?