Lesson Plan

Learning About Family Traditions

Use this lesson to give your students an opportunity to share about their family traditions. Prior to the lesson, they'll complete a worksheet to gather information about the way their family honors their culture and beliefs with traditions. They'll bring their information back to the classroom to share with their peers.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to describe their family traditions with relevant details and add drawings to descriptions to provide additional detail.


(2 minutes)
Fall Family InterviewConduct an Interview: Fall Family Traditions
  • Share an anecdote about a favorite tradition from childhood. Explain that this is something that you did repeatedly, maybe seasonally or yearly, depending on the circumstances of the celebration. (e.g., On the first weekend of every new year, all of my family meets together at my cousins' house. Then, we go to the skating rink at Bear Mountain. We get there just before the sun goes down, and we skate while it's dark out and the rink is lit up by the lights. Then, we get hot chocolate to warm up from the cold. Our parents did this before we were born, and my cousins and I have done this since we were very little. It's a special time that we get to spend together to kick off the new year together as a family.)
  • Explain that this is something your family does together because it is special and meaningful. This is called a tradition.