Lesson Plan

Learning About Influentual Women Worldwide

Rad (awesome, brave, radical, cool) women have been around since the beginning of time, but so often their stories are overlooked. Take your students on a journey through history with this lesson that uses the book *Rad Women Worldwide* by Kate Schatz. The lesson exposes students to the stories of 40 rad women from around the world and throughout various time periods, who challenged and changed the world. Students will read the profiles of a few of the women before analyzing their journeys and accomplishments using graphic organizers.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to compare and contrast two rad women in history and discuss their influence.


(5 minutes)
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  • Ask students to give examples of important people in history. Record their answers on the board. Note whether your students name both men and women. Have them provide some information about what these people did in history to make them well known and influential. Tell students that influential people make a difference in the world (usually for the better) and have an important impact on history.
  • Explain to students that history books tend to highlight the accomplishments of men more so than those of women. Throughout history, typically more men than women are honored and celebrated, even though women have time and time again shown themselves to be significant changemakers. Tell students that for this reason, today's lesson will focus on some amazing women who made history.
  • Have students look up the meaning of the term rad and share their findings with the class. Explain that the term has a lot of meanings, including cool, awesome, impressive, excellent, and radical. Emphasize that the women profiled in this book all shared the quality of being rad.