Lesson Plan

Learning How to Practice Empathy

In this lesson, students will practice empathy through learning the "just like me" mindfulness practice.
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Learning Objectives

Students will learn what empathy means and engage in a mindfulness exercise called "just like me" to grow their empathy.


(5 minutes)
Just Like Me
  • Gather students into a circle either seated in chairs or on the floor.
  • Remind students about the circle guidelines they created: the raised-hand attention signal and talking piece (every week, each student rotates and brings in a talking piece that means something to them).
  • Have the student introduce the talking piece for the week.
  • Welcome each student into the circle using the talking piece (each student welcomes another student in the circle).
  • Share that today during circle time, they will be learning about empathy and doing a practice called "just like me" together.