Lesson Plan

Let's Go to the Zoo

Embark on a classroom safari! In this hands-on lesson, students will create a scrapbook using their own observations of animal behavior during a field trip to the zoo.
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Want to learn more about animals? Let’s go to the zoo! Kindergarten and first grade learners will delight in this science lesson plan based around a field trip to a local (or virtual) zoo. Budding biologists will have a chance to learn more about plants, animals, and the Earth as they observe the habitats and diets of a variety of animals, recording their notes and observations as they go. After the trip, help children debrief about what they saw and learned.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to recognize the names of zoo animals and identify some of their dietary habits.


(5 minutes)
Cool Zoo Animals
  • Make preparations for a field trip to the zoo. Make sure to obtain all necessary permissions.
  • Before the field trip, let your students know that they should pay close attention to the animal habitats—they'll be making a zoo animal scrapbook once they return. Remind them that, for the duration of the trip, they need to observe the animals and write and/or draw their observations in their notebooks.