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Let's Graph Our Fall Favorites!

This engaging math lesson combines all of your kid's fall favorites as they learn to represent data using a bar graph.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to make a bar graph to represent data.


(5 minutes)
Blank Bar GraphRecord Your Fall Favorites


  • Create fall baskets for each small group of students. Make sure you put different amounts of fall items in each basket (e.g., four pumpkins, six pinecones, etc.) so each group's bar graph will vary.


  • Gather the students together in a comfortable area.
  • Write the word data on the whiteboard. Ask the students, "Have you ever collected data before?" Allow the students a few minutes to turn and talk with an elbow partner to share their ideas.
  • Encourage a few students to share their ideas with the class.
  • Clarify that data is facts or statistics that is collected to learn more about something.
  • Explain to the students that today they will be exploring baskets of things that remind you of fall. They are going to find out whose basket has the most, least, and the same amount of certain fall items.
  • Continue by explaining to the students that they will create bar graphs to represent the data, or items, they find in their fall baskets. Elaborate that bar graphs are graphs that show data in a visual way.

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