September 18, 2015
by Alexandra Parlamas

Lesson plan

Let's Learn About Dinosaurs!

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Students will learn about dinosaurs.

(10 minutes)
  • Watch What Are Dinosaurs? with your class.
  • Ask students if anyone can name a type of dinosaur.
  • Then, explain that today the class will be learning about dinosaurs.
(10 minutes)
  • Read My Big Dinosaur Book to your class. Discuss the different kinds of dinosaurs that show up in the book.
  • Throughout the story, identify which dinosaurs eat meat, known as carnivores, and which dinosaurs eat plants, known as herbivores.
  • Explain that dinosaurs are extinct which means there are no longer any living members of the species.
(5 minutes)
  • Tell students that now they will complete a craft. Show students a picture of an Apatosaurus. Explain that these dinosaurs ate plants so they are herbivores.
  • Demonstrate the craft for the students.
  • Using a half paper plate for the body, demonstrate gluing a neck, head, legs, and tail onto the plate.
  • Using half a sponge and green paint, paint the dinosaur.
  • Finish your dinosaur by drawing a face.
(15 minutes)
  • Give each student half of a paper plate, a neck, head, legs, and tail.
  • Pass out glue, sponges, paint, and crayons when students are ready for them.
  • Walk around and help students as they need it.
  • Enrichment: Allow students to play with plastic dinosaurs and ask questions about them. Have them guess if they are herbivores or carnivores.
  • Support: Assist students with gluing and painting if they are having trouble.
(10 minutes)
  • Allow students to look through a variety of dinosaur books and identify what their favorite dinosaur is and why.
(10 minutes)
  • Pass out the Apatosaurus Coloring Sheet and have students identify what dinosaur this is and if it eats meat or plants.
  • Ask students what their favorite part of today's lesson was.

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