Lesson Plan

Let's Shake on It!

Students will enjoy thinking about subject and verbs as two parts that must work together to form a clear idea. Students will create mixed-up sentences as a class, then write funny stories that peers can revise.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to revise sentences so that subjects and verbs agree.


(10 minutes)
  • Split the class into two groups.
  • Have half of the class write a subject on their index card and the other half write a predicate.
  • Encourage the subject group to include both singular and plural subjects. Example subjects:* the snowman*, my pet frog, the yellow school buses. Example predicates: go over the speed limit, melted in the sun, hops across the pond.
  • Put all of the subjects in one container and all of the predicates in another container.
  • Select one subject and one predicate and put them together to read a sentence to the class. Some of the combinations will agree and some of them won’t, since you will get a random mix of singular and plural.