Lesson Plan

Making Models with Different Denominators

Increase your students' knowledge of fractions with this lesson that has them compare fractions with different denominators.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to compare fractions with like numerators and different denominators.


(15 minutes)
Comparing Fractions
  • Before beginning the lesson, review numerator by defining it as the number on top of the fraction and denominator as the number on the bottom of the fraction that represents the total of the set, and finally define fraction as a specific portion of a set.
  • Draw two circles on the board that are the same size. Divide one circle into 5 parts and one into 6 parts. Explain to the students that this is a model of two birthday cakes. Label one as chocolate and one as vanilla.
  • Discuss with students that a piece from the chocolate cake is represented by the fraction 1/5 and that a piece from the vanilla cake is represented by 1/6. Ask students if they were given one piece from each cake, would the pieces be equal, or would one be larger than the other?
  • Have students pair and share their ideas. Next, have students discuss as a group. Tell students that this is what they will learn about today.