Lesson Plan

Mash-Up Reading Reflections!

Using this lesson plan, your students will synthesize literary information by reimagining storyline outcomes. Substituting characters from their favorite texts and reimagining the effects will excite and bring your class new insights!
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to synthesize character perspectives by reimagining alternative characters in fiction texts.


(10 minutes)
Re-imagining Narratives with Guest CharactersRe-imagining Conclusions with Guest CharactersRe-imagining Dialogue with Guest Characters
  • Ask your students to envision a character cursed at birth to obey every order given to them. Share that this is indeed a character from Gail Carson Levine’s book Ella Enchanted!
  • Have your class envision themselves as Ella and brainstorm several adjectives describing how she acts, what she likes, and her frustrations.
  • Invite your class to imagine substituting Ella as Little Red Riding Hood and think about how different the story would be if Ella Enchanted took the place of Little Red!
  • Explain to your students in today’s lesson, they will learn to reflect on texts by envisioning characters in alternative stories.