Lesson Plan

Math Meanings with Synonyms & Antonyms

Use this lesson to increase your students’ understanding of math vocabulary by completing a Frayer Model. This model focuses on finding antonyms, synonyms, and meanings for the key vocabulary term.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to evaluate the meaning of words with synonyms and antonyms.


(5 minutes)
Vocabulary Word WebGraphic Organizer Template: Frayer Model — Synonyms and AntonymsBuild Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Write "argue" on the board and circle it. Ask students to brainstorm about the word and its parts (e.g., antonyms, synonyms, meaning, part of speech).
  • Create a word web with their thoughts as they give their responses and determine which students may need extra support with their word work based on their responses. Use the Vocabulary Word Web worksheet as a model for what your notes on the board should look like.
  • Ask students for their opinion on why it's beneficial to understand the parts of a word or how the word relates to other words. Allow students to share their answers. Provide the sentence stem "I think we should know how words relate to each other because ________."
  • Ask a student to read through the objective and define synonym and antonym. Have another student point out the synonyms and antonyms from the word web for "argue." Make sure they define antonyms as words that have the opposite meaning and synonyms as words that have the same meaning.