Lesson Plan

Measuring Popsicles!

Teach your students the early concepts of measuring with a ruler and comparing lengths with this hands-on lesson. Students use popsicle sticks to measure magazine cutouts using comparative adjectives such as big, bigger, and biggest.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to compare lengths and arrange objects by size.


(5 minutes)
Labeling and Using Popsicle SticksWhat's My Length?
  • Begin by asking students to gather around you in a circle.
  • Pick a student to come to the middle of the circle and toss the throwing object towards another student sitting in the circle.
  • Tell the student that was picked that they must find someone that is taller than the person standing in the middle.
  • When the student chooses someone, have that new person stand next to the person in the middle and have the students decide if they are in fact taller by giving you a thumbs up or a thumbs down.
  • Continue the game by tossing the object to another student and changing the series of questions while making sure that they are all related to length using the words longer, shorter, smaller, bigger, taller, and shorter.