Lesson Plan

Mindful Movement

Unlike moving quickly, mindful movement is a wonderful way to slow down and bring kind attention to the present moment. In this lesson, students will experience mindful movement and will create a movie on the benefits of mindful movement.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to experience mindful movement and explain the benefits of mindful movement.


(10 minutes)
Mindful Movement Skit
  • Bring the class to an outdoor area where they can join into a circle, either seated or standing.
  • Explain that today they will be exploring mindful movement, which means purposefully bringing kind and curious attention to the present moment while moving.
  • Write "mindful movement benefits" on a small whiteboard.
  • Ask the students, "What do you think the benefits of moving with mindfulness (with awareness, attention, and kindness) are?"
  • Take 2–3 answers.
  • Tell them that they will first experience mindful movement to see if their guesses are correct.