Lesson Plan

Mindfulness & SEL Stations

In this lesson, students will move through stations to practice and reflect on the mindfulness and social emotional learning tools that they have learned throughout the year.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify tools they have learned in the school year connected to mindfulness and social emotional learning.


(10 minutes)
  • Set up three stations prior to class:
    • The first station is the peace corner. At this station, have students choose to listen to a four-minute guided mindfulness video or practice 4–5 animal breaths.
    • The second station is called "I Am Peaceful." At this station students take play dough and shape themselves as peaceful and calm, practicing mindfulness. Students can also mold something else that brings them peace (their pet, nature, a flower, etc.). Tell students that when they see these molds it can be a reminder to practice mindfulness over the summer!
    • The third station is called "Seeing the Good in Myself and Others." At this station students can draw a picture of themselves and their talents and gifts! They will also draw a picture of someone else's talents and gifts to give to them.
  • Bring students together in a circle, seated or standing.
  • Explain that today they will be taking time to reflect and practice the various mindfulness and community-building tools they have learned this year.
  • Ask, "What are some things you have learned about mindfulness this year?"
  • Write student responses on the board.
  • Ask, "What have you learned about living in a kind and loving community this year?"
  • Write student responses on the board.
  • Explain that even as they move into the summer and the next grade, they can still use and practice what they have learned!