Lesson Plan

Mindfulness: A Home Inside

We all have our own home of feelings inside, like a shell that we can tuck into when needed. This we learn from turtles, and now your students can too. This lesson helps students access that place inside full of feelings, emotions, and thoughts.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to practice observing their feelings. Students will be able to use mindful drawing to express feelings.


(5 minutes)
Mindfulness: A Home InsideMindfulness: Guide to Feelings Cards
  • Ask the students to think about turtles. Some prompting questions might be: "What do you know about turtles? How do they move? What do they have on their back?" (Sample answers: "They move slowly. They have a shell on their back that is like a home. They can always go into their shell for quiet or protection.")
  • Tell the students that today you are going to learn about mindfulness from turtles.
  • Ask students to predict why/how turtles can teach about mindfulness.