Lesson Plan

Mindfulness: The Outside and Inside Present

What happens when students explore their senses on the inside? This lesson encourages students to look at, listen to, and feel what is happening on the inside through practicing mindfulness.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to differentiate the outside present and the inside present. Students will be able to describe mindfulness in their own words.


(5 minutes)
Mindfulness: The Outside and Inside Present
  • Introduce or review mindfulness as a word that means paying attention to what is happening right now or in the present.
  • Tell students that they will practice noticing the present moment in a few different ways today.
  • Ask students to share ways to pay attention to the present. Some prompts could be: "How do you notice the world around you? What tools do you have to observe what is happening right now?"
  • Encourage students to focus on the five senses, if prompting is needed. (For example, "We look around. We use our eyes. We listen. We use our ears.")