July 28, 2015
by Karla Gabriela Lozano

Lesson plan

Movies vs. Text

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Students will be able to identify how a production team departs or stays faithful to the original text by evaluating its omissions and inclusions.

(5 minutes)
  • Begin the lesson by asking students to turn to others nearby and analyze each other's faces and physical features.
  • Then, ask them to each pull out a pencil and sheet of lined paper.
  • Inform them that they will each have one minute to respectfully sketch the person in front of them, but that there is one rule: They may not look down at their paper while doing so.
  • Give students one minute to complete the activity.
  • Allow them to exchange sketches and discuss the similarities between the real person and the one on the paper.
(15 minutes)
  • Write the words omission and inclusion on the board.
  • Tell students that sometimes, artists include features from a particular model exactly as they are, and that sometimes, they omit or erase certain features.
  • Tell them that authors and writers are no different, as they too can omit or include certain details and characteristics when writing stories or screenplays.
  • Inform the students that today their job will be to analyze the inclusions and omissions between text and film.
  • Encourage them to be on the lookout for the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, and why) in each story.
  • Provide each student with a copy of The Princess and the Pea worksheet and have a volunteer read it to the classroom.
  • Once she's finished reading, ask the students to turn to their partners and discuss the 5Ws in the story.
(90 minutes)
  • Inform the students that they will now watch Once Upon a Mattress, which is a movie based on the text they just read.
  • Encourage them to take notes of the 5 Ws and to look out for omissions or inclusions.
(30 minutes)
  • Provide each student with a copy of the Text to Film worksheet.
  • Have students complete the worksheet independently.
  • Enrichment: Challenge above level students by asking them to each write a short, one page remake of the Princess and the Pea with various inclusions and omissions.
  • Support: Allow students below level to use a Fairy Tale Story Map worksheet to help them draw or write their responses for both the film and text.
(10 minutes)
  • Have each student exchange her completed worksheet with a partner.
  • Discuss the answers as a class as students grade the worksheets.
(5 minutes)
  • Allow students time to reflect on their learning by answering the following questions in pairs: What is omission? What is inclusion? Which character in the film are you most like?

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