Lesson Plan

Multiplying One-Digit Numbers By 10

Let students stretch their problem solving skills in this lesson that teaches them how to solve problems where one-digit numbers are multiplied by multiples of 10.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to multiply one-digit whole numbers by multiples of 10.


(10 minutes)
Multiplying by Ten
  • Explain to the class how it is good to know how to solve tricky math problems in your head instead of always having to write them down or use a calculator.
  • Tell them that today they are going to learn the trick to multiply whole numbers by multiples of 10.
  • Ask your students to solve the problem 10x5.
  • Once students have solved the problem, ask them if they could solve 50x5 as quickly.
  • Tell students that they will need to know how to solve these bigger equations someday.
  • Give your students a real life example. For example, when planning a big party you might need 50 tables of 5 people each.
  • Tell students that this skill will help them solve each of these problems quickly in their head.