Lesson Plan

My Magical Breath

In this lesson, students will learn how their breath can be their greatest friend. They will practice and learn how to use their breath when they feel tense or overwhelmed, just like a magical tool!
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to practice calming down through mindfulness of breath.
  • Students will be able to articulate how their breath may support them when they feel stressed.


(10 minutes)
Magical Breath Poster
  • Bring students together in a circle, either seated in chairs or on the floor. Bring a small pom-pom with you, but hide it in your back pocket.
  • Ask the class what the word "magic" means to them. (Potential response: when things appear and disappear.)
  • Say to students, "Now, what if we have something magical that can help us feel calm when we are upset? We actually have that magic with us right now, and we may not even know it! Can anyone guess what this might be?"
  • Build on student answers and say, "The magic you always have with you is your breath and mindful breathing, which is feeling our breath in the present moment."