Lesson Plan

My Teacher for President!

Need a promotion? Then have your students participate in a writing lesson that will have them voting for you! Give students the opportunity to place teachers in the spotlight, as they persuade others why teachers make the best presidents.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to introduce a topic by stating an opinion and create an organizational structure to provide reasons that support their opinion. Students will utilize linking words to connect their opinions and reasons, and provide a concluding statement.


(10 minutes)
 My Teacher for President organizerIf I Were President
  • Ask your students if they could pick the President of the United States, who would they choose and why?
  • After hearing a few student responses, show the front cover of My Teacher for President and read the story aloud.
  • Tell students that for today’s lesson, they will write a persuasive paragraph explaining reasons why teachers would make good presidents.