August 4, 2015
by Anna Parrish

Lesson plan

Ogs on a Log!

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Students will be able to recognize the "og" sound and identify words in the "-og" word family.

(5 minutes)
  • Display a picture of one of the logs or hold up one of the student manipulatives.
  • Ask the students what the picture shows.
  • Ask the students what a log is and allow them to explain.
  • Tell the students that they will be learning about the "-og" word family today and finding words that rhyme with the word "log."
(5 minutes)
  • Display the Phonics: "-og" Words worksheet on the interactive whiteboard.
  • Model the process of tracing the letters and blending them so the students can hear each sound in the word and each word.
(10 minutes)
  • Display the Ogs on a Log Guided Practice presentation.
  • Distribute one set of student manipulatives to each student.
  • Call out a word and invite the students to find the word.
  • Move the word so that it is placed on the log, and invite the students to do so as well.
  • Lead the students in blending the word, saying each sound and then saying the entire word.
  • Ask the students if the word is in the "-og" family.
  • If it is in the "-og" family, the students will keep the word on the log. If it is not in the "-og" family, they will move it to the side.
  • Continue with one or two more words.
(15 minutes)
  • Tell the students that they will be working independently to place all of the "-og" words on the log.
  • Have the students work to separate the words into two piles: words that fit into the "-og" word family and words that do not fit into the "-og" family.
  • Enrichment: Ask advanced students to complete the Rhyming Raindrops worksheet.
  • Support: Provide struggling students with a list of -og words. Have them compare words they encounter to words in the list to determine whether they're -og words.
(5 minutes)
  • Circulate the room and check students' work for correctness.
  • Select one or two words to assess blending/reading and ask students to say the sounds of the word and the complete word.
  • Make a note of any students who struggle so that you can work with them on blending at a later time.
(10 minutes)
  • Distribute the Color the Pictures worksheet.
  • Invite students to name the objects that rhyme with log and circle them.
  • As the students say the word, write the letters on the board and have the class read each word together.

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