Lesson Plan

Goods and Services: On Market Street

Kids will enjoy hearing the story On Market Street as they become familiar with goods and services. From apples to zippers, students will understand how people buy goods, and how others provide services in our lives.
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Help young learners differentiate between goods and services in this social studies lesson plan. Designed for a first grade curriculum, this lesson takes children on an imaginary shopping trip to explore various “goods” with the book On Market Street by Anita and Arnold Lobel. Learners will discover that goods are items that can be bought (e.g., pencils, muffins, hats), while a service is something someone does for someone else (e.g., teachers and plumbers provide services). As kids explore these different concepts, they will broaden their understanding of the many different roles that make up their community and culture.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to distinguish between goods and services.


(5 minutes)
Goods or Service? #1Goods or Service? #2
  • Writing the terms "Goods and Services" on the board, ask students to brainstorm definitions for each.
  • After student sharing, provide and write a definition for each on the board. Goods are things you can buy and hold. Services are things that people do for others.
  • Show students the front cover of the book On Market Street. Tell students that in this story a little boy goes shopping, and that you want them to pay close attention to the goods he buys on Market Street.