Lesson Plan

Onomatopoeia Poetry

Pop, whoosh, ding! Onomatopoeia is a writing technique that makes text come alive. In this lesson, students will learn about onomatopoeia, and apply it to their writing process to create poetry, as a class and individually.
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Learning Objectives

Students will demonstrate knowledge of onomatopoeia and its use in writing by producing onomatopoeia poetry. Student will display age-appropriate communication skills by reading at least one poem aloud to the group and commenting on two poems written by other students.


(15 minutes)
  1. Read one of the “Suggested Books” or another book that models onomatopoeia as a class.
  2. Ask students what writing techniques they noticed the author using to make his or her writing more meaningful and exciting for the reader. Guide students to focus on the use of sound words and the impact these have on a reader.
  3. Teach students that this literary device is called onomatopoeia.