Lesson Plan

Opinion Writers!

Write on! Give your students the chance to express themselves with this engaging lesson. Your class will write expressive opinion essays to develop cognitive awareness.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to define the word "opinion."
  • Students will be able to write opinion pieces that provide reasons, evidence, and closure.


(5 minutes)
What is an Opinion?Practice Makes Perfect: The Best SuperheroOREC Burger
  • Bring your students to the center of the room, or a large area on the carpet, and explain that they will be playing a game called Pass the Marker.
  • Explain that in this game, there are only three rules: Whoever holds the marker gets to speak. The speaker must say his favorite food aloud in the form of the following sentence: “My favorite food is __________, because ____________.” When the speaker is done, he must pass the marker to the person closest to them.
  • Initialize the game by being the first to hold the marker and complete the sentence, and then have students continue the game until all of them have taken a turn.