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Parts of a Set: Fractions

Get your students excited to learn about fractions with this hands on lesson. Working in groups will help students learn from each other and share ideas.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to divide sets into equal parts and identify the parts using fractional names.


(15 minutes)
Colorful Plants: Practicing Fractions
  • Tell students that today they are going to learn how to represent parts of a set, or a group of things, that we call fractions.
  • Tell them that a fraction represents a part of a set, and therefore it is not meaningful without knowing what the total of the set is.
  • Show a set of four balls consisting of three soccer balls and one football.
  • Ask students what fraction of this set of balls are soccer balls. Answer: three-fourths or three quarters.
  • Tell students that you have to know what the whole amount, or total number of items in a set, is to know what the given part represents. Relate it back to your last example by bringing up that you have to know that there are four balls total to know that three quarters of them are soccer balls.
  • Have five girls and three boys come to the front of the class. Ask the class what fraction of the group is girls. Ask the class what fraction of the group is boys. Remind them, if needed, that each is a fraction out of eight.
  • Show a set of shapes containing four squares and three rectangles. Ask what fraction of these shapes are triangles. Answer: zero out of seven.
  • If more examples are needed, you can collect shoes from students and determine what fraction require laces, or bring students to the front of the class and determine what fraction are blonde or brunette.

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