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Parts of Speech: Interjections

Interjections, one of the eight parts of speech, can be the most exciting. They help students interject some fun and drama into their writing and conversations. In this lesson, they'll brainstorm how to use interjections in their sentences.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to use interjections in their writing.


(5 minutes)
InterjectionsInterjections! Word Search
  • Ask students to think about the times when they are emotional or really excited and have them share their experiences. Provide an example of when you felt a strong emotion to give them some inspiration.
  • Monitor if students use interjections in their responses and write those interjections on the board.
  • Use some of their responses as examples and add interjections to them. For example: "Awesome! I made the basketball team even though I got sick at practice. I can't wait to tell my mom." Tell students you used the word "awesome" to show your strong feelings about making the basketball team. Point out that you also added context for why the student was so excited about making the team.

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