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Pass The Snake!

Keep students engaged and help them practice their counting fluency with this fun, game-based lesson. Students count and work with each other to create the classroom’s longest number snake. Who will be the winner?
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Learning Objectives

Students will learn to work as a team to count and write the numbers up to 120.


(10 minutes)
Sally the Silly SnakeCount Down: Practice Counting Backward #1Graph Paper
  • Ask students to join you in a circle and tell them that today you would like to try counting with them a little differently than usual.
  • Write the words “Pass The Marker!” on the board and keep the marker in your hand.
  • Explain to the students that you want to practice counting up to 120 as a team by playing Pass The Marker. Go over the following rules with them:
  1. The person that starts the game has to grab the marker and say “One!” and immediately pass the marker clockwise.
  2. The next person to hold the marker has to say “two” out loud and pass the marker clockwise.
  3. The pattern continues until they have reached 120.
  4. They only have 60 seconds to reach 120.
  • Do a brief demonstration by counting from 1-10 with some volunteers and then continue to the actual game.
  • If the students cannot count up to 120 within 60 seconds, ask them what the class can do to get there faster.
  • Repeat the game by counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.

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