Lesson Plan

Peace Corner

The peace corner is a space where students may practice previously taught calm-down methods, such as deep breathing and mindfulness. Students will draw a picture of themselves in the peace corner and practice in small groups.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to understand the importance of peace corners, generate ideas about what they would like to place in their peace corner, and practice techniques, such as using a calm-down bottle and deep breaths/animals breaths.


(10 minutes)
Classroom Peace Corner and Quiet SpaceAnimal Breaths
  • Gather students into a circle, either seated in chairs or on the floor.
  • Ask students if they have a space at home where they go when they want space and an area to relax by themselves.
  • Ask them what they have in their space at home or in their bedroom.
  • Share with students that they will be creating a peace corner in the classroom where students may go when they feel they need a break and a space to find calm.
  • Ask students what they would put in their peace corner. Follow up by asking what helps them find calm and what they could use and practice in their corners.
  • On chart paper or on the board, write down student ideas of what they would like to have in their peace corner.