Lesson Plan

Perfect Perimeter

Go to any length to test your students' understanding of perimeter calculations. Students will use their understanding of the perimeter of rectangular shapes to create rectangles that have different side measurements but equal perimeters.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to create different rectangular shapes with equal perimeters.


(5 minutes)
Find the Rectangle's PerimeterMatch the Perimeter
  • Draw two rectangles of different sizes with equal perimeters on the board.
  • Write the perimeter equation on the board (e.g., 2 L + 2 W = Perimeter). Ask students to find the perimeter.
  • Have students turn and talk to their neighbor regarding the similarities and differences of the rectangles.
  • Choose students to share their observations. Correct any misconceptions and highlight that the rectangles, while they look different, have the same perimeter.
  • Ask a volunteer to read the student objective. Have another student define the key terms and write their responses on the board.

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