Lesson Plan

Perimeter of Play

Practice calculating perimeter with the placement of carnival-themed games with given rectangular dimensions. Your students will use grid paper to determine the location of all the games they choose to make the perfect carnival.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to apply their understanding of perimeter to a real-world scenario.


(7 minutes)
Perimeter: Perfect CarnivalSummer Coloring Page
  • Display the Summer Coloring Page, or something else of interest to your students, and ask them how much fencing they'll need to enclose this backyard.
  • Gather information about what they know about perimeter in real-world situations by asking them questions. For example, "What would the fence have to look like for us to measure the perimeter? What measurement would we use for a large backyard? Would the backyard have the same perimeter as a football field?"
  • Ask a student to read the student objective and define perimeter as the distance around a two-dimensional shape that has straight lines.
  • Have students brainstorm in pairs other realistic scenarios where it would be helpful to know the perimeter (e.g., fencing, framing a picture, and construction).
  • Tell students that perimeter is useful for many things, especially when you want to surround an object with something, or make sure you have enough space to fit an object. Explain that when someone wants to build a gate around their yard or their garden, they will need to know the perimeter to decide how much fencing they'll need.

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