Lesson Plan

Perseverance to Achieve Goals

Motivation, perseverance, and grit are all key in learning and in the classroom! In this lesson, students will explore the term "perseverance" and research ways they can stay motivated in school and in their lives.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to define the word "perseverance" and set goals for themselves in a classroom task and activity.


(10 minutes)
Perseverance Journal
  • Gather the class together in a circle, either seated or standing.
  • Divide them into groups of four.
  • Tell them that you will give each group a quote, and they are supposed to read the quote three times.
  • Ask them to text code (underline and circle important words or phrases) on the piece of paper.
  • Pass out one quote to each group.
  • Give groups 3–4 minutes to read through the quotes and text code.
  • Ring chime after time has ended.
  • Ask each group to share their quote, their text coding, and what stood out for them.