Lesson Plan

Peter Pan and Neverland 2: The Flight Part 1

Second to the right, and straight on 'til morning. In this lesson, your students will work on reading comprehensions while continuing to learn more about Peter Pan in their journey through the Peter Pan and Neverland workbook.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to use reading comprehension to describe the main character. Students will be able to interpret words and phrases in the text and use them to complete a comprehension worksheet.


(10 minutes)
Peter Pan and Neverland Workbook
  • Tell your class that they will be continuing work in their Peter Pan and Neverland workbooks today.
  • Pass out each student's workbook and pencils. If they still have their workbooks, instruct your students to get them out.
  • Review some reflection questions from the previous Peter Pan lesson. Great discussion questions include: Why would someone want to remain a child forever? Would you like to remain a child forever? Why or why not?
  • Ask your students to turn to page 6 in their workbooks, titled Chapter 4: The Flight Part 1.

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