Lesson Plan

Peter Pan and Neverland 3: The Flight Part 2

"You must be nice to him, Wendy impressed on her brothers." In this lesson, your class continues work in their Peter Pan and Neverland workbooks, focusing on comprehension of Wendy Darling's personality.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to interpret words and phrases from the reading excerpt appropriately. Students will be able to make inferences about Wendy Darling, using textual clues and facts to back up their opinions.


(5 minutes)
Peter Pan and Neverland Workbook
  • To begin this lesson, review with your class some of the aspects of Peter Pan's personality.
  • Tell your students that they will once again be working in their Peter Pan and Neverland workbooks, but today they'll be shifting their focus from Peter's behavior to Wendy's behavior.
  • Activate your students' prior knowledge by asking some questions about Wendy. For example: Who is Wendy Darling? Why is she special? Do you think that Wendy has a similar personality to Peter's? Why or why not?