Lesson Plan

Pick Up the Phoneme!

Pick up the phoneme and practice! In this lesson, your students will practice their sense of sound-symbol relationship to develop solid spelling and reading skills.
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Listen to the phonemes in different words and work on your reading, writing, and spelling skills! In the lesson Pick Up the Phoneme, first graders and second graders are given the tools to better break up a word into its smallest components. They will practice identifying phonemes in different words as they work on different reading and writing skills. To wrap things up, students will practice another part of the writing process with a group spelling bee using the words in the lesson.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to spell the words in their word sorts and correctly identify the phonemes within each word.


(5 minutes)
  • Tell students that their objective is to increase their phonemic awareness skills in order to become better readers and spellers.
  • Review some of the key terms pertaining to phonemic awareness, such as blends, or two or three consonant combinations that create a different consonant sound.
  • Ask students to take out the play or short story.
  • Inform students that they will be working with new word sorts and blends from the play.