Lesson Plan

Practice Using Prefixes to Determine Word Meaning

Students will learn how knowledge of word parts can help readers determine the meaning of words. This interactive lesson will have students reviewing and putting into practice some of the most common prefixes.
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Learning Objectives

Students will learn the meaning of some of the most common prefixes.

Students will practice using prefixes to determine word meaning.


(10 minutes)
  • Organize students in small groups.
  • Ask each group to brainstorm as many prefixes as they can in 60 seconds.
  • After one minute, have groups count their prefixes. The group that has the most should share their list with the class (use LCD projector or read aloud).
  • Discuss: Are there prefixes that this group missed? Are there any that didn’t seem legitimate? Which one/ones do they think are the most common? Can they provide examples of words made with some of the prefixes?
  • Remind students that prefixes are small word parts that can be “snapped” on to different root words (like LEGOs) to change the meaning. Suffixes do this, too, but today’s focus will be on common prefixes.