Lesson Plan


Introduce your kids to the concept of a prefix. This lesson contains a bunch of activities designed to nourish your students' affix identification abilities.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to identify prefixes and words that contain prefixes.
  • Students will be able to determine the meaning of words with prefixes.


(15 minutes)
Words with PrefixesPrefixes: Get It Started!
  • Ask students, "What do you think it means when we say 're,' like in 're-do?' "
  • Have students try to explain in their own words what "re" means.
  • Record some words with the prefix "re" (rerun, retell, redo, repeat, and rewrite) on the board.
  • Explain that these are prefixes. A prefix comes before a word and modifies its meaning. (Something fun to note is that the word "prefix" has a prefix itself.)