Lesson Plan

Prepositions vs. Conjunctions

Challenge students with a discussion about prepositions and conjunctions in this lesson. Your class will write a journal entry to explain the function of the prepositions and conjunctions in a specific sentence.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to determine whether to use a conjunction or preposition in a text and explain their reasoning.


(5 minutes)
  • Display a picture of the Pentagon.
  • Ask students if they recognize the building and if they know what people do in the building.
  • Explain that the Pentagon is where a lot of the people in charge of the military work. Tell them they cannot get into the building without permission.
  • Ask students if they can think of any other buildings in the United States that are government buildings with limited access.
  • Allow students to share their answers (e.g. the Capitol Building and the White House).
  • Explain that today they are going to edit a journal entry about getting into the Pentagon so that it makes sense. They will add either a preposition or a conjunction and explain their choices.