Lesson Plan

Pretty Patterns

Students will have a blast reproducing colorful patterns in this creativity-filled preschool lesson. Featuring both worksheets and craft activities, it's sure to help kids learn while having fun.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to reproduce and extend a pattern using various objects.


(10 minutes)
Cut It Out!Circle Up! 1Circle Up! 2
  • Have students come together as a group.
  • To motivate the students, begin by saying that "Today, we will be learning about patterns. Look around the room. Can anyone identify a pattern?"
  • If no one knows what a pattern is, then make a simple pattern on the whiteboard, e.g. circle, triangle, circle, triangle, circle, triangle.
  • Alternate differently colored markers to make the pattern more easily identifiable.
  • Inform the students that this is a pattern of circles and triangles.