Lesson Plan

Pun Visuals

Strengthen your students' understanding of figurative language by helping them interpret visual puns! Students will use a webpage to help them understand puns in their future reading and writing endeavors.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to interpret and sketch visual puns with idioms or common phrases.


(5 minutes)
Play on WordsHomographic Puns
  • Distribute a pad of sticky notes to each student and display a picture advertisement that uses a play on words (i.e. a pun).
  • Ask students to write down any thoughts that come to mind about the advertisement and the meaning. Have them turn and talk to their partners to share their ideas. Then, have students place the sticky notes next to the advertisement.
  • Explain that the advertisement uses a pun to get people talking about the product and to deliver a message in a clever way. Tell them today they'll learn about how to find the meaning in visual puns.

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