Lesson Plan

Random Acts of Kindness

Kind acts can make a big difference in somone's day. These kind acts can multiply and create a culture of kindness in schools and communities. In this lesson, students will reflect on the importance of kindness and commit to kind actions!
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to practice kind acts and express appreciation to people in their school community.


(10 minutes)
  • Join students together in a circle, seated or standing.
  • Tell students that you have a secret and something very important you want to tell them.
  • Say in a whisper, "Kindness can spread."
  • Ask if everyone heard you.
  • Say a little louder, "Kindness can spread."
  • Ask the class to say it with you (a little louder): "Kindness can spread!"
  • Ask, "How can kindness spread?"
  • Show them the "Color Your World With Kindness" video.
  • Pause throughout the video and ask them to notice what is happening when someone gives kindness.
  • Ask, "How did kindness spread in this video?"