Lesson Plan

Red, Yellow, Blue, I Love You

Give early learners a solid foundation for school by introducing colors in this lesson. Learning the names of primary colors, and applying color knowledge to familiar objects is a great way to start building communication readiness skills.
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Learning Objectives

After this lesson and reinforcing follow-up, the children will be able to identify and name objects by way of their color name.


(5 minutes)
  1. Gather your students into a large circle. In the center, put objects with single, bold primary colors. Great examples include blocks, play food, and toys.
  2. Lead the class in a "settle down" technique to help calm your students down. Stretching, chanting, or singing a song are great strategies for this. An option for a chant is this verse about hands: "Open, shut them, squeeze them oh-so-tight, clap up, clap down, fingers tap-tap-tap, now rest them in your lap."