Lesson Plan

Addition with Regrouping Center

Make addition with regrouping easy with this lesson plan that makes the task a visual learning experience.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to add by regrouping


(10 minutes)
Addition with Carrying
  • Call students to your group area.
  • Set your cups up on three different levels using books or other props to create a mini staircase. Place a set of base 10 blocks on the table as well.
  • Write "8+2" on the board with "8" on top and "2" on the bottom.
  • Ask students what 8 plus 2 equals.
  • When they say 10, write the zero under the 8 + 2 and 1 to the left in the invisible 10s spot.
  • Next write a 1 in front of the 8 and change it to 18+2.
  • Ask your students how they would think to solve this problem.