Lesson Plan

Rhyming Word Family Fun Houses

It's rhyme time! Students will color-code rhyming words and put each one in its “word family house” with this fun rhyming mini book and fill in the "stair steps" writing activity page.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to identify word patterns that rhyme and write words ending in “og,” “at,” “ug,” “ig,” and “en” under the correct word family house headings.


(5 minutes)
Rhyming Word Fun mini story bookRhyming Word Fun Activity Sheet: Word Family Houses
  • Write the words fat, cat, and hat on the board.
  • Ask students to “echo read" the words after you say them.
  • Have students figure out what is similar within the three words. If help is needed, underline the "at" portion of each word.
  • Once students identify that all the words have a similar ending sound, explain that this similarity means that the words rhyme. Go on to explain that since all these words have the same ending sound that they belong to the same word family.