Lesson Plan

Rhyming Words for Kindergarten

It's no crime to learn how to rhyme on a dime. This delightful reading lesson teaches kids about rhyming words and where they can be found.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to identify rhyming words.


(15 minutes)
My Rhyming Book (2)My Rhyming Book: -EeMy Rhyming Book: -OckMy Word Family Book: "At" Words
  • Introduce the concept of rhyming words to your students. Explain that rhyming words are words that have the same ending sounds. For example, "cat" and "hat" are rhyming words.
  • Read aloud some entries from your book of nursery rhymes, and emphasize the rhyming words as you go along.
  • After each rhyme, ask students to tell you what rhyming words they noticed.