Lesson Plan

Say Something

In this lesson, students will hear the story *Say Something* and make promises to each other to speak up when others are lonely or hurt. They will also have an opportunity to express themselves through acts of service and painting.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify ways to express themselves and help others through service, art, and being an "upstander."


(10 minutes)
I Promise to Say Something
  • Join the class in a circle, on a rug or in chairs.
  • Ask them to share all of the ways we can say something when we see something that's not right, such as when we see someone stealing, throwing garbage in nature, or picking on someone else.
  • Write "say something" on the board.
  • Ask students to share more ways we can speak up. Build upon their answers and mention that we can also say something through writing or art.
  • Ask, "What can we do when we see someone may be hurt or is hurting someone else?" Listen to their answers, then say, "We can say something!"