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Simple Machines: Wheel and Axle

What do a bicycle and a car have in common? They both move using the simple machine wheel and axle. In this lesson, students learn about how this simple machine works, and will identify objects that use a wheel and axle.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to explain how the wheel and axle work as a simple machine. Students will be able to identify objects which use the wheel and axle.


(10 minutes)
  1. Introduce the topic by telling your class that a simple machine is a device that can change the direction or strength of force. There are six simple machines that people can use to move objects.
  2. Activate students' prior knowledge with a question about items with wheels. For example, ask: What do a bicycle, skateboard, stroller, wheelchair, and car have in common?
  3. After the class points out that all of these machines have wheels, ask questions about how wheels work. For example: How do the wheels cause movement?
  4. Explain that wheels help things move by rolling.