Lesson Plan

Scouting Out the States

Let's scout out the states in the United States! In this jigsaw lesson, students will explore individual states, create a state collage, and share their knowledge with other students in the class.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to research and report on a state within the United States. Students will be able to create a state collage that represents information about the state that they researched. Students will be able to describe characteristics of the state that they researched orally and in writing.


(10 minutes)
Blank US MapCross Country FunExit SlipLearn About Your StateMake it ShortMap it OutName the States 1United States of America MapUS State Matching Game
  • Display a blank map of the states and boundary lines with the state names covered by sticky notes.
  • Assess your students’ prior knowledge of state names by asking them to stand up when they see a state that they know.
  • Ask your class to identify these states. Uncover each state name as a student calls it out.
  • Review the names of the remainder of the unnamed state names.
  • Tell the students that today they will be learning more information about the individual states.