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Seeing the Good in Myself

When students take time to see the best in themselves, it supports them individually, socially, and academically. In this lesson, students will take time to highlight their successes and learn how to send loving wishes to themselves.
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Students will be able to identify the positive qualities in themselves and practice heartfulness by sending kind wishes to themselves.

(10 minutes)
  • Join students together in a circle, seated on the rug or in chairs.
  • Ask one student volunteer to join you at the front of the room.
  • Ask the rest of them to turn to a partner.
  • Explain that in a moment, they will give their partner three compliments (or say positive things about them).
  • Model for the class by working with the student volunteer and giving each other three compliments. If possible, share observable behavior as evidence of your compliments, and guide students to do the same. Instead of simply saying, "You are nice," or "I think you are cool," you could say, "I appreciate how helpful you are. An example of this was yesterday, when you put up the chairs of everyone at your table who was absent without even being asked."
  • Tell the partners to decide who will first give compliments.
  • Ask each of the partners to share compliments for their peer.
  • Then, have the partners switch roles.
  • Bring the class back together.
  • Ask them how it felt to give compliments, and how it felt to receive them.
(15 minutes)
  • Tell the class that today they will be looking at the positive things they like about themselves.
  • Ask them, "Is there anyone else in the world that's just like you?"
  • Explain to students that each of them is unique and filled with talents and gifts that no one else can give to the world.
  • Tell them that you will be reading them the book I Like Myself! by Karen Beaumont.
  • Read through the story, and pause periodically to check for comprehension.
  • After reading the story, ask, "What did the main character like about herself? Why is it important to see the good in yourself?"
(10 minutes)
  • Tell the class that there are many ways to see the good in ourselves and show kindness to our body and mind.
  • Explain to students that practicing heartfulness is one way to do this.
  • Write "heartfulness" on the board.
  • Explain that heartfulness is when you send kind wishes to yourself or someone else.
  • Draw a picture of someone sending hearts (from their heart) to themselves and someone else.
  • Ask the class to sit upright, relax their bodies, and be as still as they can.
  • Tell them to place one hand on their heart.
  • Ask them to notice how their chest rises and falls at their heart center with each breath.
  • Tell them to think about all of the things that make them unique, such as their talents, their love for nature, their kindness, that they are a good friend, etc.
  • Ask them to repeat the following statements after you in order to send kind wishes to themselves: "May I be happy." (Pause.) "May I be healthy." (Pause.) "May I feel peace." (Pause.) "May I feel loved." (Pause.)
  • Have the class repeat these kind wishes to themselves again.
  • Then, tell them to take a few deeper breaths into their bellies and slowly open their eyes when they are ready.
  • Ask, "What did you notice? How do you feel? What was it like to send kind wishes to yourself?"
(25 minutes)
  • Explain to the class that they will be designing a classroom mobile of all the things they love about themselves.
  • Review the instructions of the Classroom Mobile: What We Love About Ourselves worksheet.
  • If possible, show them a sample heart that you created. Also, show them the mobile where they will hang their hearts.
  • Dismiss students back to their seats, and distribute worksheets for them to begin working.

Enrichment: Ask advanced students to draw a picture or write a letter for their future selves, reminding them of all of their positive traits. Set a reminder for yourself on a day to send each student their letter or drawing.

Support: Work one-on-one with students who have difficulty completing their hearts for the classroom mobile.

(5 minutes)
  • Observe students during the independent working time to assess their comprehension of heartfulness.
(10 minutes)
  • Bring the class back together in a circle, and ask them to bring their hearts for the mobile.
  • Show the class the four wire coat hangers for their mobile.
  • Ask students to come up one at a time and bring their hearts.
  • As each student brings their heart, say one thing that you appreciate about them.
  • Use the string to hang each heart on the hangers.
  • Ask the class, "Where would you like to place the mobile as a reminder of your talents and uniqueness?"

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