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Sentence Cafe

It’s time to make sentences! At the Sentence Cafe, words come together to build stories. Get ready to learn about different parts of speech such as conjunctions, possessive pronouns, articles, and more in this hands-on lesson.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to use conjunctions, possessive pronouns, and articles in complete sentences.


(10 minutes)
Parts of Speech Word HuntTake Me to the ParkA Day at the Zoo
  • Write the following words on the board: cat, green, man, funny, sat, dog, slept, green, and bed.
  • Ask, “Which of these words are nouns?” Call on a student to come up and circle all the nouns.
  • Tell students that these type of nouns are called “common nouns” because they name people, places, things, or ideas but aren’t the actual names of people, places, or things (those are called proper nouns). For example, “Ryan” is a proper noun while “boy” is a common noun.
  • Now repeat the circling process with verbs and adjectives, having students circle each type of word in different colors.

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