Lesson Plan

Service for Our School Community

Service can bring out the best in people and communities. In this lesson, students discuss what it means to serve and explore ways that they would like to support their school and community with service work.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to define "service" and identify people who serve in their school and local community, along with generating ways they, too, may serve.


(10 minutes)
  • Draw or find images of service workers ahead of time and project them on the board.
  • Pause at each image and ask, "Who is this? What type of service job do you think they have?"
  • Ask, "What does service mean to you?"
  • Write down the word "service" on the board, along with student responses.
  • Ask, "What are some ways you serve and help in your family? In the classroom? School?"
  • Explain that you have taken on the service role in your community as a teacher.
  • Explain to them why you chose to become a teacher (connected to service).
  • Ask students to turn to a partner and to answer the question: "What type of service job would you like to take on some day?"
  • Give students 1–2 minutes each to answer this question with their partners.